The Devil's Deal

The Devil's Deal (2023) ko Full Movie

  • Year :2023
  • Original language ko
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Runtime 116 min
Director(s) Lee Won-tae
cast(s) Cho Jin-woong, Lee Sung-min, Kim Moo-yul, Won Hyun-jun, Kim Min-jae, Yoo Seung-mok, Kim Yoon-sung, Park Se-jin, Son Yeo-eun, Lee Sang-won, Park Jeong-pyo, Park Dae-chul, Heo Ji-won, Han Gab-soo, Jo Young-jin, Choi Min-chul, Seo Young-sam, Choi Dong-goo, Roh Tae-woo, Kim Young-sam, Kim Dae-jung, Moon Soon-ju, Moon Jung-dae, Kim Sung-gon, Kim Woo-hyun
StoryLine :

Hae-woong, an assembly member candidate, is taken out of the running because he became a thorn in the side of a local bigwig, Sun-tae. Hounded by loan sharks, due to defaulting a campaign loan, he decides to get his hands dirty. He steals classified government’s information about an urban development plan and obtains the help of a local gang leader, Pil-do, by promising hefty real estate profit. Now Hae-woong re-enters the race and tries to take revenge on Sun-tae. Unbeknownst to him, his messy journey through politics has only just begun.

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